ISCM Canadian Section succeeds in bid to host 2017 World New Music Days in Vancouver
The ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) Canadian Section is pleased to announce that its bid to host the 2017 World New Music Days in Vancouver was unanimously approved!

ISCM Canadian Section President Jim Hiscott presented the bid in partnership with Vancouver-based organization Music on Main's artistic director David Pay during the recent 2014 World New Music Days in Wroclaw, Poland.  After the bid was approved, Jim signed the official festival contract with ISCM President Peter Swinnen.

This marks a significant achievement, as the WNMD festival has been around for 91 years, and Canada has only had the privilege of hosting once before (in Toronto and Montréal in 1984). The week-long festival will showcase Canadian music on the international stage and will be attended by delegates from around the world.

See you in Vancouver in 2017!

ISCM Canadian Section

ISCM Canadian Section Announcement of Selected Works for the World Music Days 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 26 September - 1 October 2015
The ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) Canadian Section is pleased to announce the composers and works selected to represent Canada for 2015.
A committee consisting of Heather Hindman, Monica Pearce, Patrick Saint-Denis, and chaired by Jim Hiscott (non-voting) convened recently and selected six works as Canadaʼs official submission to the international jury of the 2015 World Music Days. These works will be featured on the annual ISCM Canadian Section CD, which will be handed out to presenters and interpreters from countries around the world.

World Music Days 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia
ISCM Canadian Section Selected Works (no order of preference):

Samuel Andreyev
À propos du concert de la semaine dernière (chamber ensemble with piano solo)

Brian Current
Rounds (string quartet)

Gordon Fitzell
Pangaea Ultima (chamber ensemble)

Robert Lemay
Urban Influx (Afflux urbain) (saxophone quartet)

Juliet Palmer
Bout (chamber ensemble)

Rita Ueda
Enthalpy of Vaporization (orchestra)

The ISCM Canadian Section is pleased to be associated with the above works, and we look forward to hosting our selected composers at the World Music Days Festival in 2015. For more information on ISCM activities, and on the artists and their works, please review the websites listed below and/or contact the ISCM Canadian Section representatives. 

At least one of the six works included in our national submission will be performed during the festival (the international jury can, however, select more than one of these works); we will endeavour to promote and disseminate all of these works with the hope that they will receive performances in Canada and abroad, in addition to the eventual World Music Days performance and annual ISCM Canadian Section CD printing.


Jim Hiscott, President, ISCM Canadian Section 
Brian Harman, Vice-President, ISCM Canadian Section

For information on the ISCM and the World Music Days 2015 visit:

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