Commissioning Rates

Schedule of Minimum Commissioning Fees

The fees indicated are the CLC's suggested minimum rates, effective January 1, 2015

*Please note that rates were raised on January 1, 2013 from previous rates.


I Chamber Ensembles Fee per minute

One or two $425

Three or four $475

Five to Eight $535

Nine to Fifteen $615


II Orchestra Fee per minute

Chamber orchestra up to 15 parts $615

Orchestra over 15 parts $790


III Chorus Fee per minute

A cappella (or with piano) up to seven parts $475

A cappella (or with piano) eight parts or more $535

With instrumental ensemble (up to eight performers) $560

With chamber orchestra (over nine to fifteen performers) $700

With full orchestra (over 15 parts) $850


IV Electroacoustic Music per minute

Plus studio rental unless provided $560

For the addition of an electronic part or tape to an ensemble add $145 to the appropriate rate

V Stage works

Opera, ballet, multi-media, functional music: to be negotiated


VI Suggested music copying rate

$14 per page


Commission fees do not include expenses for copying and reproduction, which should be assumed by the commissioner. The composer is responsible for providing a legible score which can be reproduced.

The fee for any composition over 20 minutes in duration, in all categories, is to be negotiated.


Is your organization hosting a visiting composer? Check out our new "The Visiting Composer Check-list"



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Visit our Schedule of Minimum Commissioning Fees for Composers, and see rates per minute for Orchestral music, Chamber music, Electroacoustic music, and more!

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